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Recover a Batch in Dynamics GP

Why batches get stuck

Chances are you’ve had a batch stuck in Dynamics GP.  There are a number of reasons why, but most of the time if a batch gets stuck and needs to be recovered, it’s because a user is in the middle of posting and either Dynamics GP freezes, or their computer loses connection with the server.
We also see batches get stuck when users do not sign out of Dynamics GP properly. Sometimes, a user will click the red X in the top right corner of the Dynamics GP window while still having other windows open.  This can cause batches to show as “Marked” for posting. Make sure that you first close out of all windows, saving any documents you have open, then click the Microsoft Dynamics GP button, and choose Exit.

How to fix it

If a batch shows a status of “Marked,” you can open the Series Posting for the series you are in (e.g., Purchasing, Sales, Financial, Inventory), or you can go to the Master Posting in the Administration area page, and unmark the batch without any intervention.
Here is an example from Sales Series Posting.
Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP
If you look up a batch and it shows “Transaction Error – Edit Required,” then you can open Batch Recovery (Administration area page > Routines section > Batch Recovery), mark the box next to the batch, and click the Continue button. Notice that when you mark the batch, the status will change to “Edit Required.”
Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP
Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP
After the batch is recovered, go into the area page related to the batch, select the appropriate batches option, which will depend on the origin of the batch, and select the batch. Then click the Print button to print a Batch Edit List. Look for error messages within the Edit List, which will indicate what needs to be done to correct the batch. Next, open the transaction(s) with the error, make the necessary corrections, and you should be able to post the batch.
Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP

There are times when the batch will continue to be stuck in Batch Recovery. 

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