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Resetting Forgotten System Password

The system password is used in Dynamics GP to introduce a small layer of protection for some ‘administrator’ type functions.
Often this password gets misplaced, forgotten or just disappears with turnover.
I have some good news for you if you fall into this situation… the password can be reset via a SQL Script.
I feel compelled to share that this is NOT the SA password… that is something very different.
Run the script below.  This will make the system password ‘blank’ allowing you to go into GP and reassign a system password.  Be sure to take the appropriate precautions (backup, backup, backup!) before running this.
  • UPDATE DYNAMICS..SY02400 SET DMYPWDID=1, PASSWORD = 0x00202020202020202020202020202020
The system password can be found at Administration/Setup/System/System Password
After resetting it to blank, you can simply put in the new password.  Do yourself a favor, keep it in a safe place – and no… not on a sticky under your keyboard

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