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Dynamics GP Error: “This Record Has Been Created Since Your Attempt To Create It”

Error resolution in Dynamics GP can often be tricky. It usually requires a bit of back-end research to fully understand what is going on. Just this past week I was presented with an issue regarding general ledger account setup within GP. The issue was first brought to me as a performance concern. Each time a user was loading the Account Maintenance window (Cards–Financial–Account) the window would freeze up and the system would hang. After checking a few of my database diagnostic tools and not seeing any major performance hits I decided to reboot the server hosting the GP front-end application.
Unfortunately rebooting the front-end did not fix the issue entirely. The next time the user opened the Account Maintenance window they were able to enter the account details and attempt to save the account. However, upon saving the account they were hit with an error message stating:
"This record has been created since your attempt to create it. Changes wont' be saved."
This error, though somewhat specific, doesn’t actually tell us much about what the actual problem is. To my knowledge there are two scenarios that can cause GP to display this error. The first, though very unlikely, is if two users are attempting to create the same GL account at the same time.  Once the first user has saved it, the second user would receive this error message upon trying to save the duplicate account.  In this case the user could immediately open the newly saved account and see that it now exists.
The second, more likely scenario involves an account that was only partially created.  Though it is possible for this to occur within the Account Maintenance window, in most cases it is due to having a 3rd party application managing and creating GL accounts on your GP database.
When a general ledger account is created in GP it is stored in two primary tables prior to anything being posted to the account.  The tables, along with their description are shown below.
GL00100 – GL Account Master
GL00105 – GL Account Index Master
The error tends to occur if the GL account was only created in one of the two tables.  In my experience it tends to get created in the GL00105 table and is missing form the GL00100 table.
A quick way to determine if an account is missing from either table is to do a quick compare of the total number of records in each table.  The following script will handle this for you.
If the results are not identical then you know you have an account missing from one of the tables.   Before moving on to the next step you should also do a manual search of both tables for the particular GL account in question.  The following script can be used to accomplish this task.  Simply replace the @seg values in the SETstatements to correspond to your GL account structure. This script will check both tables and display the results.
In most cases where an account is missing you should expect there to only be a single account.  It’s possible that multiple accounts are being affected but since this mismatch causes almost immediate performance issues within GP it shouldn’t take long before this concern is brought to your attention.
The best course of action to resolve this is to delete the account from the table where it resides and then have your Accounting team go add the GL account back.  It’s worth mentioning that you should check with Accounting before deleting any GL accounts to make sure nothing has been posted to it.
The following script can be used to delete the record from either the GL00100 or GL0015 tables.  It is best to delete them based on the ACTINDX column as this is the primary key on both tables. In the example below I am deleting the record corresponding to ACTINDX 56077
Once the record has been deleted have your Accounting team log back into Dynamics GP and attempt to recreate the account. Any issues with the Account Maintenance window freezing should be resolved and they should be able to successfully create the account. Once they are finished it is best to run the query scripts again to confirm the record count is the same and that both tables contain the GL account.

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