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This voucher number already exists. Please enter a new voucher number on Payables Transaction Entry GP

Case ini terjadi pada window Payables Transaction Entry ketika user A sedang input kemudian putus koneksi dalam kondisi ini system membaca document sedang di open oleh user A.

Dapat juga terjadi user A tersebut yang sedang open di by pass task manager GP sehingga document gantung di user A dan hanya user A yang bisa open document tersebut.

User B membuka document terkait dan muncul notifikasi "This voucher number already exists. Please enter a new voucher number"

Solution : 

Berdasarkan informasi dari link Dynamics Community berikut : 


PSTGSTUS (Posting Status) in PM10000:
10 – transaction being entered for the first time before it has been saved by the user
20 – saved and unposted transaction
30 – transaction that is currently posting (realtime)
40 – posted transaction
50 – transaction that has encountered an error during posting
60 – transaction that has been saved previously and had a status of 20 and is now being edited by a user
70 – transaction that has been posted previously in a recurring batch that still contains unposted transactions is now being edited by the user

Maka dapat di dibuatkan consept solution dengan cara : 

update PM00400  set USERID = '' , DCSTATUS = 1

update PM10000 set PSTGSTUS = 20 where VCHNUMWK = 'YOUR_PM_DOC' and PSTGSTUS = 60

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