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Solution : SOP Entry Subtotal & Total not equal with Total Extended Price Line Item

Jika ada kendala pada window Sales Transaction Entry dimana  Subtotal & Total not equal with Total Extended Price Line Item seperti capture berikut : 

Cara paling mudah adalah dengan melakukan reconcile pada window yang sudah disediakan oleh GP.

Access window reconcile ini : 

Reconcile akan memperbaiki data SOP Entry terkait

Berikut informasi reconcile : 

Each module will have its own reconcile that can be run and based on the what the module does will determine what the reconcile will do.  The overall general purpose is to verify the transaction level transactions either related a document for PM or RM to the lines if you are running it in SOP or POP to update the Summary or Header records.
When you run the reconcile in SOP and POP, you can reconcile actual documents where the lines totals might not match the invoice document.  When you get into PM, RM and even Payroll the reconcile will look at the documents for the vendor or customer or in payroll the checks and update summary information.  Note of there are records missing or not updated in GP correctly the system will adjust the summary numbers which may cause them to be incorrect, but it would show the totals for what is in the system.
The inventory would look through and check records to give you the quantity on hand based on what has been received and sold.
The GL reconcile will check the account detail with the summary as well.
As Ian mentioned there is also batch reconcile which would update the batch totals based on the records in the batch.
But I would not say that it corrects issues caused by network fail.  It will update the header or summary based on lines or documents that exist in the system.  So if the table or column did not get updated and you run the reconcile the system maybe over or understated.  If the summary or header or batch totals are off and the lines, documents or records in the batches are correct then reconcile would correct the issue.
Check Links is more of a check for the system to verify if there are orphaned records caused by posting issues and will in some cases remove these records.

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