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Smartlist Account Maintenance

This Query is used to create Smartlist Account Maintenance :
Name Window GP : Account Maintenance
Location Window on GP : Financial >> Cards >> Financial >> Account

SP View :

create view ABC_Account_Maintenance    



a.ACTNUMST as 'Account Number',    

b.ACTDESCR as 'Account Description',    

b.ACTALIAS as 'Alias',    

c.ACCATNUM as 'Category Number',    

c.ACCATDSC as 'Category Descripton',    

case b.PSTNGTYP     

when 0 then 'Balance Sheet'    

when 1 then 'Profit and Loss'    

else ''    

end 'Posting Type',    


case b.TPCLBLNC    

when 0 then 'Debit'    

when 1 then 'Credit'    

else ''    

end 'Typical Balance',    


case b.ACCTENTR     

when 1 then 'Allow'    

when 0 then 'Not Allow'    

else ''    

end 'Allow Account Entry',    


case b.ACTIVE    

when 1 then 'Active'    

when 0 then 'Inactive'    

else ''    

end 'Inactive',

b.ACTINDX as 'Account Index',    

d.TXTFIELD as 'Note Description'

from GL00105 a    

left join GL00100 b on a.ACTINDX = b.ACTINDX    

left join GL00102 c on b.ACCATNUM = c.ACCATNUM    

left join SY03900 d on b.NOTEINDX = d.NOTEINDX    


grant select on ABC_Account_Maintenance to DYNGRP

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