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MRP Example in Dynamics GP from Sales Order

1. Setup MRP Prefence Default : 
    Manufacturing >> Setup >> System Defaults >> MRP

    Ceklist Include MO Quotes agar MO Quotes terkalculate dalam MRP (Tidak perlu change status Relesased)

2. Add an item or select an existing one: Cards >> Inventory >> Item

3. Go to the Item Quantities Maintenance screen and assign it to a Site ID, make that Site ID the default site, and select a vendor for the Order Vendor ID.

    Inventory >> Cards >> Quantities/Sites

3. Go to the Item Purchasing Options Maintenance screen and select a Default Purchasing U of M.
    Inventory >> Cards >> Item Purchasing Options

Untuk setup Query Default Purchasing UofM lakukan dengan sp berikut : 
update a
from IV00101 a
inner join (select a.itemnmbr,a.UOMSCHDL,b.BASEUOFM from IV00101 a
left join IV40201 b on a.UOMSCHDL = b.UOMSCHDL) b on a.itemnmbr = b.itemnmbr

4. Go to the Item Vendors Maintenance screen and make sure there is a Vendor Item Number.
    Inventory >> Cards >> Vendors

5. Go to Item Resource Planning. 
    Inventory >> Cards >> Item Resource Planning
With the Site ID radio button selected, select the Site ID you defined as the default for the item. Check the “Calculate MRP for this item/site”. And for Order Policy, select “Lot for Lot”. Make sure the Replenishment Method is set to, “Buy”.

Untuk menggunakan setup by query dapat menggunakan sp berikut : 

6. Done with setup.
Add some demand for the item by creating a sales order for the new item.

7. Create Sales Order >> Save
   Sales >> Transactions >> Sales Transaction Entry

8. Run the MRP: 
Transactions >> Manufacturing >> MRP >> MRP Regeneration
Click on “process”.

9. "Open the Purchase Request Resolution screen: Transactions >> Purchasing >> Request Resolution
Highlight the “Qty. Req.” value for your item, and click on “Select Vendor”.
Click on “Create”.
Click on “OK”.

10. To know MRP Calculated open window MRP Quantities Query : 

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