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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Sales All-in-One View

Similar to the Purchasing All-in-One View released on GP 2015 R2, in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, it is now possible to view related sales documents in one easy to view window. For example, a customer calls asking about a specific invoice. Users will be able to select the customer and then view all documents related to the invoice, such as the quote, order, payment etc.
Below is a screenshot of the Sales All-in-One view window. Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Cash Receipts, and Credits/Returns will display as default.
To add or remove additional document types, users can select the Options Icon on the Action Pane to customize their Sales All-in-One View window.
You can apply filters on the data for easy searching. When the filter icon  is selected, the Filter window will open. This option is present for all columns. Clicking OK will save the options and close the pop-up window and display the records that match the filter.
Each column will display the last 5 transactions by document date (newest to oldest) by default, you can use the   icons to resort each column. The only sort option is by date, but users can change from oldest to newest.
You can expand individual summary panes in each section to review more information on the transaction. Just click on the chevron button 
in the summary section. An expanded window will open to reveal more data.
This new window is accessible from multiple locations in GP, including:
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Sales Order Processing Document Inquiry
  • Customer Inquiry
  • Receivables Transaction Inquiry – Customer
  • Receivables Transaction Inquiry – Document
  • Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry
  • Navigation Lists:
    • Customers
    • All Sales Transactions
    • Receivables Transactions
    • Sales Order Transactions
    • Invoicing Transactions
Altogether, this feature will allow users to access their information more quickly and view related documents more easily. Please note, the option to Track Master Numbers must be marked in Sales Order Processing setup for the linking of the documents to work correctly.  
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