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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Remove inactive Pay Codes from Payroll Transaction Entry

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 you will now have the option include or exclude inactive pay codes when looking up pay codes in the Payroll Transaction Entry Window for an employee. While this feature seems small, it was one that many have requested so it is great to have it built into the product.
On the Employee Pay Codes lookup window, if you click the blue ribbon, there will now be a drop down with the option to ‘Exclude Inactive Employee Pay Codes’.
By default, inactive Pay Codes will be listed in the Employee Pay Code Lookup window, so if you want ‘Exclude Inactive Paycodes’ to default instead, you must check the ‘Set as Default View’. Keep in mind, there are other windows that may use this same lookup (Employee Pay Codes) so it will be set as the default in those windows as well.  
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