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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Receivables - Automatically Post Cash Deposit for Batch

Ask and you shall receive..... You'll be overjoyed to know that new functionality you've been asking for to automatically deposit cash receipts to a lump sum deposit in Bank Reconciliation is finally here!!  We love your product suggestions and encourage you to keep them coming!
There were options in previous versions to have cash receipts automatically deposit to Bank Reconciliation, but they only deposited the cash receipts to individual deposits in Bank Rec.  With this new functionality, you can have all the cash receipts in the same batch automatically deposit as a lump-sum or single deposit in to Bank Rec.   How cool is that?
To use this new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, simply go to the Company Setup options and mark the option to 'Automatically post cash receipt deposits' and the system will take it from there.  Now all cash receipts in the same batch will post to Bank Rec as a single deposit.  (If you use Master Posting, a separate deposit will be created for each separate batch posted.  However, if you are using Transaction Level Posting, then a separate deposit will be created for each posted transaction, as it does today.)   The lump-sum deposit will have drill-back capability to view all the cash receipts that make up the deposit.
The receipts in a batch could be posted from the following windows:
  • RM Cash Receipts
  • Receivables Transaction Entry
  • Entering amount for Sales Transaction Entry  - Invoice, deposit
  • Entering amount for Invoice Entry - Invoice
The Deposit Number for the single deposit record created will be made up of the Batch Name, and the MMDD of the user date (no year), followed by an incremented number.  For example, if you post a batch named 'BATCH1' on 4/12/2017, and then post another batch also named 'BATCH1' later in the day on 4/12/2017, you will see two lump-sum deposits created as follows:
  • BATCH104121     (=BATCH1 + 0412 + 1)
  • BATCH104122     (=BATCH1 + 0412 + 2)
Note:  If you have the Project Accounting module installed, the PA security will take over the window, and cash receipt batches will continue to post as individual deposits to Bank Rec.   This issue will be addressed in a future release. 
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