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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Purchase Order Prepayments including Taxes

With the release of Purchase Order Prepayments, Dynamics GP gave the ability to enter a pre-paid amount on any Purchase Order.
Now with the release of Dynamics GP2016, we’ve improved on this great feature!
We now have the ability to prepay the full PO amount, including Taxes!!

Setup remains the same:

Sample Purchase Order:

PO with Prepayment amount, including Taxes, added:

Creating Payables batch, making sure to mark as Purchasing Prepayments Batch:

Selecting document to pay – note Amount Paid Prepayment and Total Amount Paid:


So there we have it – Purchase Order Prepayments taken to the next level!!
Click HERE for more detailed documentation on this feature and for all other GP2016 Application features.
Click HERE for Application feature VIDEO!!

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