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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Payables Credit Card Payment

This new feature will add Credit Card as a Payment Method option method for the Payables Computer Check Batch.  Currently, you only have the options for Check and EFT type batch in Payables.  When you select this new Credit Card payment type option, the Checkbook ID field will change to Card Name and is still a required field.  Building and editing the check batch, printing the remittance form and posting the checkrun will be the same process as before.  You can print a remittance form to show all the invoices that were paid by credit card.  
When post the checkrun, all the vendor's invoices being paid by credit card will move to history as normal, however, the system will then look to see what Vendor ID is linked to this Credit Card Setup (under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Company | Credit Cards) and create one open lump-sum invoice under the Credit Card Vendor ID.  So now you have an open invoice to pay to the Credit Card Company.
NOTE:  Vendors set up for EFT payment processing may not pull into the credit card batch.  This is by design, as it is assumed that a vendor would use one or the other payment type and not both.  (To get their invoices to pull into a credit card type batch, you could remove the vendor's EFT banking information (SY06000) and then they will pull.)
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