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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Inventory All-in-One View

In addition to the Sales All-in-One view, in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 we have added the Inventory All-in-One View window. The window allows a user to quickly see all documents that are tied to an item‘s transactions. For example, the warehouse manager is asking about the stock for an item and where it is located. Users will be able to select the item and then view all quantity movements for the item such as purchasing transactions, transfers and adjustments and sales for that item.
Here is what the window looks like:
The Inventory All-in-One View window will have three columns by default in this order.
  • Column 1 = Quantity In
  • Column 2 = Quantity Moved
  • Column 3 = Quantity Out
Quantity In will display transactions where quantity is increased such as purchasing receipts (POP), sales return (SOP) transactions, invoice returns (Invoicing), increase adjustments in inventory, manufacturing trx, stock count variances, etc. Any layer of inventory in the IV10200 should show in this column.
Quantity Moved will display transactions where quantity is moved from site to site or bin to bin such as inventory transfers and bin transfers.
Quantity Out will display transactions where quantity is reduced (sold) such as sales invoices (SOP), purchasing returns (POP), invoices (Invoicing), Inventory Transfers in Project Accounting, Service Calls and Depot Mgmt transactions, manufacturing trx, stock count variances, etc.
When a transaction is selected in a column, all related documents to that layer (IV10200) should be selected. The transactions in each column are related based on the IV10200 RCTSEQNUM and the IV10201 SRCRCTSEQNUM as well as ITEMNMBR and TRXLOCTN. The exception to this is when a Bin Transfer transaction is marked as there will not be related transactions to that record.
Each column will display the last 5 transactions by document date (newest to oldest) by default. Use the icons to resort each column. The only sort option is date. Each column that has information will show as a rectangle box (summary pane).

Click the Next 5 button to display more transactions. When the down arrow button   in the summary section is tapped or clicked an expanded window will open to reveal more information related to the transaction.
You can also apply filters on the data for easy searching. When the filter icon   is selected, the Filter window will open. This option is present for all columns. Clicking OK will save the options and close the pop-up window and display the records that match the filter. If no records are found the columns will be blank. The filter selections should be saved per user per session.
The clear filter icon will clear all filters and search criteria for that column and return to the default selection.
The new window that has been added is the Inventory All-in-One View window. This window is accessible from multiple locations in GP, including:
  • Item Maintenance (after Actions section in own section)
  • Item Quantities Maintenance (after Actions section in own section)
  • Item Inquiry (after Actions and Workflow sections)
  • Item Transaction Inquiry (after Actions section)
  • Purchase Receipts Inquiry (after Actions section)
  • Navigation Lists:
    • Items
    • Item Transactions
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