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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 HTML5 Web Client Introduction

The release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 shipped with the long-awaited HTML5 Web Client. The most exciting feature of this new client is compatibility with more devices and browsers. HTML5 is a web format that allows for rich content across nearly any modern device. The new Web Client is built entirely in HTML5, meaning you can use Dynamics GP on iOS, or Android, as well as in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and nearly any other HTML5 compatible browser.
The main differences are navigational. The HTML5 client is a bit simpler, and mirrors Office 365's design approach.
Functionally, the new client uses a stack design in its window handling. You can have multiple windows open, but you can only have one in focus at a time. If you want to go back to a window lower in the stack, then you would want to use the Window Search feature to navigate directly to the window.
This search feature can be accessed from the following icon on any home page.
The other change in the HTML5 client is that the Exit GP feature is underneath a new dropdown menu:
Other than the minor navigational changes, the best news regarding the new HTML5 client is that the install and planning is exactly the same as the Silverlight client! The service structure and planning framework is identical. If you are planning a scale-out deployment, the planning and deployment will be identical to any previous Silverlight deployments you've done. The Session Central and Session Service services are the same, and the GP Runtime is still installed the same way. If it weren't for the icon change, you might not even know you were installing the HTML5 client.

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