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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Export and import SmartLists created in SmartList Designer

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 , we now have the functional to import and export SmartList Designer definitions for easy sharing and transport between Dynamics GP implementations.

The definition for a SmartList in the SmartList Designer in one environment can be exported, transported to a different machine, and then imported into a different environment. The steps for accomplishing such a transfer from a DYN16 environment with a TWO16 company to an environment called DYNAMICS and company called TWO will be outlined below.
Here is a screen shot of SmartList Designer with a newly created SmartList which is called “Financial 2016”
This SmartList is visible to users under the Financial Series:
Within the SmartList window, in the ribbon choose Actions, click Export/Import, and choose Export.
The Export List window will open. Choose the desired SmartList from the Available SmartList IDs section. Click the Insert button to move the item to the Selected SmartList IDs. Choose the path and file name for the XML file that will be created. Click the Export button. A message will be displayed when the export is completed.
Retrieve the XML file from the location where it was saved. Email or otherwise transfer the file to the environment where it will be imported.
In the destination environment, the XML file containing the SmartList definition should be saved to a physical location, from where it can be retrieved.  Within Dynamics GP in the destination environment, open the SmartList window. In the ribbon, under Actions, choose Export/Import, and click Import.
In the Import List window, browse to and select the SmartList XML file which contains the SmartList definition. Click on the Import button. 
A message will be displayed when the import is completed.
 The newly imported SmartList is now available in the SmartList window in the destination environment.
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