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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Employee Self Service - Human Resource Attendance Time Available View

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 you will now be able to see Human Resources attendance balances as an ESS Employee on the Time Management Tile, which is great, since in versions previous to GP 2016, Vacation and Sick Balances were only available to view if you were using Payroll to accrue.    The Setting to Accrue with Human Resources rather than Payroll is located at the following path.  (HR & Payroll >> Setup >> Human Resources >> Attendance >> Setup)
The Time Management Tile on your Home Page of Microsoft Dynamics GP will display up to 5 tiles for Human Resources Accruals Time Codes.   These will display in alphabetical order.  Time Codes balances will only show if 'Print Available Time on Payroll Checks' is marked in the Employee Attendance Maintenance Window.  (HR & Payroll >> Cards >> Human Resources >> Employee - Attendance >> Maintenance) 
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