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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - EFT - Scotia Bank Format

As a result of your product suggestions submitted, a new file format for Scotia Bank was added in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.  
The CA - Scotia Bank layout is the '105 byte' layout, and will populate the default data fields for the File Header, Batch Header, Detail and File Control line types.  This format will produce a flat file with a maximum line length of 105 characters and can be used with either Payables Management or Receivables Management.   In the Detail Line, the Record Type in field 1 will automatically adjust to a 'C' for a Payables credit, or a 'D' for a Receivables debit, depending on if you select the Series of Purchasing or Sales when you save the file format ID.
If there are other EFT file formats you'd like to see added, please make sure to vote on or enter these product suggestions in our MS Connect Product Suggestion database so they can be considered for a future enhancement.  
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