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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Document Attach for Project Expenses (PTE)

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Doc Attach is now compatible with Project Expenses in PTE.  Not only will you be able to attach documents to the header and lines of the transactions, but you can also include these attachments in your Workflow email notifications. 
Under (Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Document Attachment Setup) there is a new option added to this window ‘Allow attachments to flow from PTE Employee Expense Entry window’.   Under this option you can choose if you want your Document Attachments to automatically flow from the PTE Employee Expense Entry to Project Employee Expense Entry, or if you want the documents to not flow by default. 
Note:  This option is only available if you have an ‘Expense Report Approval’ workflow that is marked as active in Workflow Maintenance. 
(Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Workflow >>Workflow Maintenance)
Once you have an active workflow and Document Attachment enabled, the ‘Attach’ button will become available on the menu bar of the PTE Employee Expense Entry Window and Next to the Project field, on your Lines.
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