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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Document Attachment Flow Enhancement

Hello!   I’m sure everyone has been enjoying using Microsoft Dynamics GP’s great Document Attachment flow functionality. With Microsoft Dynamics GP2016, we made it even better!
Previously, you could choose, via Document Attachment Setup, to have documents flow and to be able to email attachments:

This was an ‘all or nothing’ setup, with no ability to modify your options after the fact.
In other words, let’s say you added an attachment to a Customer. You then create a SOP Order for the Customer, but this time around, you do not want to email the attachment. Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, if you had ‘send attachments in email’ marked on the Customer, when this flowed to the Invoice, it could not be changed:

This has changed with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016! You can now setup flow and email ability in Document Attachment Setup, but, you now have the ability to modify this on an individual record basis:

Document Attachment gives you even more flexibility to meet your individual needs!  
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