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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Analytical Accounting - User Access Settings

For those of you that use Analytical Accounting, this new feature is small, but pretty exciting in the AA world! 
In prior versions, when a new AA dimension code was created, each user had to have been granted permission to use it, and that was pretty time-consuming if you had a lot of users.  With this new functionality, you can control if you want to all allow users to have automatic access to all dimension codes, or if you prefer to keep doing it manually per user, per dimension code as you did before.  You now have a choice!
In the User Access to Trx Dimension Code window, a new checkbox was added titled 'Restrict user access' as shown in the screenprint below.
  • If the checkbox is not marked, then all GP users will have access to all the transaction dimension codes.  New users are also automatically granted access.   Also the 'view' access to include employees in queries will be automatically granted.  Simply unmark this checkbox and all users get access to all dimension codes!
  • If the checkbox is marked, then the fields in the window will be enabled to allow you to continue to control access per user, as you always have in AA.   You must grant access for new users added to the system still.  So you don't have any surprises, the checkbox will be marked if you go through an upgrade, so you can continue granting access per user, as you always have.
Please note that marking and unmarking this checkbox will not make any changes to the Analytical Accounting User Access to Codes setup table (AAG02000).  Unmarking the checkbox will simply override the user security set in this table. So at any time, if you decide to restrict access by user again, you can mark the checkbox and your last known user setup configuration will default in so you can pick up where you last left off.  The checkbox is also an 'all or nothing', so it affects ALL dimension codes and you are not able to set this per dimension code.
This feature does not impact editing posted Analytical Accounting codes in the Edit Analysis window (Transactions | Financial | Analytical Accounting | Edit Analysis).  If you would like to see this new User Access checkbox also work in the Edit Analysis window so users can edit posted Analytical Accounting codes, please click HERE to access the Product Suggestion. 
For a work-around run the script below (or schedule it) against the Company database each time a new AA dimension code or new user is added.
      Update AAG02000 set aaDistribute = 1, aaAdjust = 1

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