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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Addition of Edit List Reports to PTE Entry Windows

With the release of Dynamics GP 2016 RTM, users will now find a Print button on both the PTE Employee Expense Entry and PTE Timesheet Entry windows.  This print button will be used to print the Edit List for each window respectively.  You can see the Print button next to the File menu as shown below.
These Edit Lists will look much like other Edit Lists in Dynamics GP.  Examples of each included below.

PTE Employee Expense Edit List

PTE Timesheet Edit List

With the addition of these Edit Lists, we continue to expand the capabilities of the PTE Entry system, and bring forward a great way to review the information for PTE Employee Expenses that are flowing through for Workflow approval and large PTE Timesheets doing the same.
Note: In versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 (2017 year end) and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, Timesheet days with 0 hourswill print on the edit list by default for visibility.  However, the report can easily be modified to exclude these 0 hour days if that is your preference.  Please download a modified PTE Timesheet Edit list report and assign security to your users as appropriate if you wish to exclude 0 hour days. 
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