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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Ability to export numbers to Microsoft Excel as numbers and not text format - SmartList

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, we now have the ability to export numbers from SmartList records into Microsoft Excel as numbers and not a text format, allowing the option to do mathematical calculations with those values, such as adding the values of records and more.
For example, if I open the SmartList window (click on Microsoft Dynamics GP, click on SmartList or from the Administration navigation menu, click on Reports, then click on SmartLists.) and click on the default Purchase Line Items SmartList report under Purchasing, it has a QTY Ordered column that shows number values. If I click on the Excel button in the SmartList window to export this report to Microsoft Excel, the Document Amount values have a format of 'Number'.
Because of this, I can use a SUM argument in Microsoft Excel to add values from this column, such as these screenshots:
This is true of all numbers and currency values exported into Microsoft Excel from SmartList reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 including SmartList Favorites, default SmartLists modified through SmartList Designer and custom SmartLists created through SmartList Designer.
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