Informations :

Generate PO from PR, Delete PO Commitement with PR, and Edit PO Status

1 Create One PR >> Submit >> Approved >> Final Approved
Transaction >> Purchasing >> Purchase Requsition Entry 

2 Generate PO from PR
Klik Action Button on Purchase Requsition Entry window >> Generate 

3 Print Info PO already created

4 PO already Commit with PR
You can open commit document with this link 

5 Delete Commitment PR / SO with PO
Klik Delete Sales Doc Button on window Commitments for Purchase Order

You can't Delete commitement document on PO Entry 

Klik Delete button on window Commitments for Purchase Order
you can't delete too

Solution ? 
Canceled PO and create PR and Generate PO again 

6 Edit PO Status
Transaction >> Purchasing >> Edit PO Status

On line item change New to be Canceled

Notification will be show and click continue button 
Now PO already change to be canceled, and you can create new PR and PO again

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